Friday, February 20, 2015

Entity Framework works fine with private / internal / protected properties

This was probably just me, but I was always under the impression the EF had a hard time hydrating objects with private or protected access modifiers. Turns out not to be the case, at least not in EF 6.

I was looking around for solutions, but noticed that all solutions to - what I thought was a - problem, were pretty old. So I wrote a quick test to see how EF behaves nowadays.

Turns out: any access modifier can be hydrated from EF - no problem.

Here's my model:

Here's the roundtrip test - as you can see - the person coming from the database has all the properties set as expected:

Just for visual verification: everything is nicely in the DB. Although that's not what I was worried about.

Wow - I feel like a n00b not knowing this before.

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