Friday, February 27, 2015

Javascript: wrapping sync calls in a promise to they can be chained with async calls

Another StackOverflow answer that was recieved well by the person who asked the question was my answer on this question:

Here's the question:

So he's basically doing a bunch of async calls mixed with synchronous operations / mappings. In order to get a nice clean call chain - I wrapped all the synchronous things in a promise wrapper, so that all promises could be nicely chained:

Here's the direct link to the fiddle:


  1. That last one in the chain is a cherry. Returning a reference to itself as the resolve function for the last promise in the chain... nice find.

  2. Another way to solve these kind of problems is using a framework like Meteor Requires severside tech as well though so might not be applicable in this very instance. You get reactive programming in combination with websockets: event driven response of the client instead of polling a back-end every x seconds...

  3. Dude - did you just give me a compliment ?! That's the first one EVER :)
    I'm actually a bit ambiguous about that last call, because will it not result in a stackoverflowexception in time?

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