Thursday, February 5, 2015

Easy TeamCity Installation with Docker - by Ariya Hidayat

A colleague is working on a Ruby project mostly by himself and doesn't have a CI environment. So I decided to install TeamCity for him to play around with.

Since I've got my own projects to finish, I needed this to take the least amount of time, so I decided to see whether it's possible to use Docker, and obviously it is.

After setting up a fresh Ubuntu 14.10 server, installing docker ( apt-get install ) you're just 2 commands away from having TeamCity up-and-running:

docker run -dt -name teamcity_server -p 8111:8111 ariya/centos6-teamcity-server
docker run -e TEAMCITY_SERVER=http://buildserver:8111 -dt -p 9090:9090 ariya/centos6-teamcity-agent

Oh yes! Ariya Hidayat explains in his blogpost how it's done.


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