Thursday, December 6, 2012

Managing localized resources made easy

Working with resource files can become messy since ( as far as I know ), there is no way 'sync' the resource entries between the different cultures. Sometimes we find ourselves having entries defined in the en-GB locale, but not in nl-NL or the other way around.

As of today, we're using this tool: ResX Resource Manager on CodePlex. It does two things very well:
  1. Display the resource entry and the translations for each culture
  2. Indicate missing entries, that are not defined for all cultures

Just as I was writing this blog, I ran into another tool: It's kind of a WYSIWYG tool for managing the resource files, directly on your website. Looks promising, however we're sticking with the CodePlex one.


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  2. To collaboratively translate .resx files, I recommend using the software localization management platform
    It has a very nice interface.