Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Booyah: Continuously Deploying our Azure services

Awesome! So I'm breaking up a monolithic application into cloud services which I'll host on the Azure platform. I had it up, running, and publishable from Visual Studio, with all the correct configs for the right environments.

Then I came across this blogpost: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-gb/documentation/articles/cloud-services-continuous-delivery-use-vso/ YES you should read it and see the awesomeness.

So now I'm continuously deploying my services on checkin to Azure - here's the proof:

Awesome. Do read the post - there are some little tips and tricks in there ( for instance, how to make sure the config transforms properly ). But if you have all the publish profiles set up correctly before, AND you're build server is up to date ( with build targets and things ), it'll be a breeze.

This is from the mentioned blog - this button gets you 90% of the way for you build configuration:

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