Thursday, May 7, 2015

Updating your NuGet version from VS2015 CTP to RC

Earlier last week, I had an issue with NuGet, which turned out to be a bug in the bundled CTP NuGet, which is fixed in the RC version:

Well, as it turns out, there are more people having some issues with the CTP version of NuGet. I saw someone on StackOverflow having NuGet issues and I suggested him to update to the RC version since there were some bugs fixed in this new version:

Apparently that was helpful, since the answer based on my suggestion was marked as the answer, which is nice:

However, unlike Kevin Avignon, I didn't have to reinstall the OS on my CI server, nor on my dev box. What I did to solve this was:

  • Update Visual Studio from CTP to RC on both my local machine and the CI server ( yes, I'm running VS on the CI server. I tried for 2 days setting up the build server without and then I just installed VS ).
  • Since I was messing with NuGet - I followed this tutorial to get rid of the NuGet.exe in my sources, which where there because of the 'Enable NuGet restore for this solution'-menu option in Visual Studio: Actually, I used the suggested PowerShell script:
  • Cleared out all the local NuGet cache folders ( find .nupkg files, and clear out those folders ). Did this locally and on the CI server.
  • Cleared out the /packages folder, both locally and on the CI server.
  • Then I ran the install-package command with --force option, in order to re-install FluentValidations ( which was my problem package )
Then I found that the hintpath had the additional .0 in it, which caused the reference to resolve nicely on build-time. After this, the build was also fixed on the CI server.

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