Sunday, June 29, 2014

My takeaways from 'Creating Reactive User Interfaces with Adaptive Consulting's Reactive Trader'

I was listening to the Hanselminutes podcast the other day and the epsidoe featured an interview with a developer in the financial industry. They're making real-time interfaces and they posted a showcase project on github to demo the features.

They've used KnockoutJS + SignalR on the web side of the things and I got a few interesting takeaways from this talk:

  • You can use reactive extensions to treat configuration changes as streams. This allows you to easily push config changes to clients and trigger the re-configuration on their systems.
  • They're pushing out data as JSON right now, but in order to use less bandwidth, they'll move to binary JSON. Furthermore, they're going to push out delta values as in order to save even more bandwidth.
  • Using Reactive extensions on a stream of stock information is incredibly powerful.

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