Thursday, December 26, 2013

TypeScript and Angular example: TodoMVC

Recently I attended a GREAT presentation by Peter Hilton, about his experience introducing Scala in his company, lessons learned from that, and his view on modern web-apps.

One of the things he mentioned briefly is that you should abstract from the 'base' web languages like CSS and Javascript and get on the LESS/SASS and CoffeeScript/TypeScript train. The same week I head the .NET Rocks! podcast discussing TypeScript support in VS2013 so I think it's about time. They also recalled the expression 'JavaScript is the assembly-language of the web'.

I've been playing around with this stuff, but this is pushing me to start using it professionally. Since we're working on a AngularJS project right now, I wanted to have look at what it would look like to create an AngularJS app with TypeScript. Obviously - this has been done already. Check out TodoMVC:

Check out the links on the left to his GIT repo where you can see how it's all been done.

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