Sunday, December 22, 2013

Learn F# by example ... In Visual Studio !

After lifting my JavaScript knowledge of my work with AngularJS recently, and KnockoutJS before that, I've been playing around with the functional aspects of the language and really experienced the elegance of it in real-life examples and not just the annoying practicals in Haskell I had to do at university.

Furthermore we had this presentation on Scala and the Play framework which was very interesting. So I decided to have a quick look at F#. I wanted to do a 'File, New Project' thing and start looking at the syntax when I noticed this:

The F# Tutorial project type in Visual Studio. It's great stuff. You open it and you get this big F# source code file showing you pretty much all the basics of F# including:

For example:

Want to learn quickly and by example? Go check it out.

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