Sunday, September 1, 2013

JavaScript weekend in videos

We're currently working on an AngularJS website which is really awesome to be doing. So, we're writing a bunch of JavaScript. I wanted to raise my JavaScript knowledge to a higher level so I've been watching some YouTube movies on Javascript this weekend.

Here are a few interesting ones I had a look at.

A 3 part series on JavaScript by Douglas Crockford:
- Part 1: Douglas Crockford: The JavaScript Programming Language
- Part 2: Douglas Crockford: An Inconvenient API - The Theory of the DOM
- Part 3: Douglas Crockford: Advanced JavaScript

A quick 'by example' explanation of closures
Video by Bob Tabor.

Javascript patterns
Which will then lead me to understanding Javascript Patterns - as described here: Learning JavaScript Design Patterns

Javascript Ninja level
Finally - there is this site: - a site by a guy named John Resig who knows a thing or two about JavaScript ... he created jQuery.

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