Tuesday, July 30, 2013

PuppetConf 2012 video collection

Probably hugely outdated by now, but still very interesting to me is this page on the Puppet website listing all the talks of PuppetConf2012.

One talk the really caught my attention was the talk by Gene Kim about DevOps was really interesting. Sure, this talk doesn't necessarily have anything to do with puppet and is more about DevOps, but I liked it so much because it talks about some of the stuff I see going on in my company. One of the points that he briefly mentions and that Puppet allows you to do, is include the machine configuration into the source code. Oh yes - so if Dev includes a puppet file in the source code, Ops can just take that, spin it up and get the app running.

We do have something like that in place, where we have a scripted deployment of the application that is checked into source control, but it won't do it 'from scratch'.

This guy has written award winning books - check them out here.

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