Thursday, May 16, 2013

Interesting Channel 9 talk: Building an Engineering Organization for Continuous Delivery

Here's a nice talk from Brian Harry about DevOps practices and how he and his TFS team moved from a 'waterfallian' model to a more agile model. I watched it and I liked it. It's described as:

Brian Harry shares behind-the-scenes information on how Team Foundation Service is developed and announces exciting additions in his ALM Summit keynote. As of now, Team Foundation Service provides a distributed version control offering with Git repos, and Visual Studio offers full Git integration with Visual Studio 2012 Update (currently available as a CTP release), including the option to use 3rd-party hosts. In a future release, Team Foundation Server will also support Git repos. Developers who want to use distributed version control systems can now get started quickly from within Visual Studio. This expansion of ALM options makes it easier for teams to adopt tools that are best suited to their specific needs.

See it here or use the video below:

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