Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Installing Ubuntu Server 12.10 with static IP

After setting up my server, I went ahead to install Ubuntu Server 12.10 on it in order to stay familiarized with Linux based server and hosting environments. The great thing about installing Ubuntu Server is that it presents you with a few options for a typical out-of-the-box-server-installations. I ticked 'OpenSSH' and 'LAMP', so right after installation, I had SSH access AND Apache, Mysql and PHP installed in one go.

Ubuntu server 12.10 installation screen

The only thing I wanted to do is make the server use a static IP address. I started out using this tutorial, but I did it slightly different because the resolvconf package is installed on Ubuntu Server by default and therefore the resolv.conf is overwritten on every boot. Also - you can use 'service networking restart' in order to restart the service after updating the /interfaces file.

So - here's the /interfaces/ file from the vSphere console:
vSphere client showing /etc/networking/interfaces ip configuration

Here's the original tutorial that got me on the way:
Setting up static IP address on Ubuntu Server 12.10

You can see in htop the server has a very small footprint and uses approx 170 megs of RAM.

htop showing Ubuntu Server 12.10 footprint

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