Thursday, March 7, 2013

Herding code - Cool podcast discussing new projects

While watching the Channel 9 videos presented by Scott Hanselmann, Jon Galloway and Damian Edwards on the current MS web stack, I noticed the 'Herding Code' sticker on his computer. This points to a podcast that John Galloway hosts with others and where a broad spectrum of new technologies is discussed.

Here's a list of topics they recently discussed:
  • Breeze.js : JavaScript library that allows you to query a REST API ( like the Web API from Microsoft ) and works with KnockOut for binding the results.
  • Nancy: A super light-weight web application framework that uses a lot of dynamics I believe
  • Xamarin 2.0: This used to be MonoTouch I believe, a subset of the Mono project with additional libraries for working with mobile ( touch enabled ) devices. This allows you to write .NET code for iPhone, Android etc.
  • Oak: Described as "Frictionless development for ASP.NET MVC single page web apps. Prototypical and dynamic capabilities brought to C#." - I'm going to have to look into that one.
Anyway - I'll be adding it to my podcast subscriptions and I'll be looking into these projects.

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