Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sublime Text - great PHP editor

This week I'm doing some PHP work since we're setting up an API and we want to run it on a linux server. Since it's been a while for me since I worked with PHP, I needed to set up my environment. I started out using Visual Studio with the PHP plugin. It's fine - but most of the nice stuff ( debugging + IntelliSense ) is in the PRO version. Moved on to NetBeans. Great stuff: IntelliSense - debugging, PHP Unit integration + many many more things. That's going to be the one I'll using. But - when looking for some PHPUnit stuff, I came across this video:


First of all - this guy ( Jeffrey Way I believe ) is BLAZING fast and never seems to make any mistakes. Secondly - I was intrigued by the editor he's using. It's Sublime Text. Get it here. It's not free, but doesn't cost a lot either. I downloaded it and it's SO quick. There's is the 'find everything' button CTRL-P. Use '@' as a first character to look for members. You'll probably want some plugins - get them from here and follow the instructions. I got zen-coding and PhpDoc plugins to play around a little, and recorded it.


Since I'm not a PHP expert - I like to get a lot of IDE support, therefore I will still be using netbeans. However - this editor is gorgeous, really intuitive and amazingly fast.

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